HOPE Program

The HOPE (Helping Our People Every Day) Program is managed by the CraftWorks Foundation. The mission of HOPE is to support Team Members who are currently experiencing a crisis situation.

Crisis situations for the HOPE grants should meet the following criteria:

IDENTIFIABLE - The event must be described in detail in the application

DAMAGING TO PROPERTY/PERSON - A loss of life, health or property must occur

SUDDEN - The event must be swift and sudden, not gradual or progressive

UNEXPECTED - An ordinary, anticipated event caused by deliberate intent will not qualify

UNUSUAL - The event must be extraordinary and nonrecurring, and cannot normally occur in the ordinary course of day-to-day living 


Hope Grants Can Help Team Members By:

  1. Assisting with necessary monthly living expenses during a time of crisis to keep a roof over the Team Member’s head, food on their table and their utilities on.

  2. Assisting with extreme medical debt so that team members can continue to heal and thrive. (Please refer to “Payment of Medical Debt” section)

  3. Assisting Team Members who are experiencing homelessness

  4. Assisting Team Members with major car repairs so they can get to and from work.

  5. Assisting Team Members with basic funeral expenses in the event of a death of an immediate family member.


The team member must be able to demonstrate need within the household.

Reduction of hours within the restaurant cannot be considered a contributing factor for the grant need.

The HOPE Program should be considered a “last-resort” resource and we ask, that before applying, the Team Member exhausts all other means of help (i.e- family, friends, government assistance, community programs, etc,).  Note:  Payday loans are not considered another means of help.  Please contact us before pursuing those.

To Apply A Team Member Will Need:

In addition to the completed online application we require the following back up documents:

1.     Letter of support from the general manager

2.     2 months of bank statements or Aline pay card transactions (NO PAY STUBS NEEDED).

3.     Other supporting documents as requested by Foundation staff.

Grant Levels

Level I: Up to $3000

  • Death in the immediate family (spouse, child, parent, sibling)

    • Payments for this grant can be made for:

      • Basic funeral costs

      • Monthly bill payments overdue as a result of missing work

      • Outstanding medical bills

  • Unexpected serious illness/injury or terminal illness to the Team Member, spouse or dependent

    • If the Team Members is the one seriously ill/injured, the would qualify for this level ONLY they are on a Leave of Absence (LOA)

Level II: Up to $2000

  • Unexpected change in living situation due to:

    • Eviction/Foreclosure

      • See section on Homelessness/Eviction/Foreclosure

    • Domestic Violence

    • Property Damage (i.e house fire, natural disaster)

  • Property damage to household vehicle (i.e- car accident, extensive car damage from natural disaster)

Level III: Up to $1000

  • Other unexpected personal emergency that impacts the Team Member’s cash flow (such as theft, car repair, etc.)

    • Car repairs must be extensive and cannot be considered basic maintenance

  • Short-term illness that prevents a Team Member from working for a time

    • Team Members qualifies if they miss more than 2 weeks of work but do not require a Leave of Absence


  • Legal costs, court fines, probation fees, bail

  • Student Loans

  • Credit Card bills

  • Tax bills

  • Personal loans/PayDay loans

  • Household goods, personal items including clothing, furniture, etc.

  • Veterinary Services

  • Medical bills to providers outside of Workman’s Comp guidelines (i.e. – acupuncture, massage therapy, etc.)

  • Care Credit payments

The HOPE program will pay limited amounts for the following:

  • Past due bills for essential services (rent, mortgage, utilities, car payments)

    • Up to 2 months past due

  • Cell phone bills

    • Maximum amount paid will be $100 per grant

  • Cable/Internet service bills

    • Maximum amount paid will be $100 per grant

Payment of medical bills

Before grant applications are submitted for medical bill payment, we will ask Team Members to call medical providers about financial aid programs, payment plan options, or discounts.

If a Team Member was eligible for CW health insurance and opted to not sign up, the HOPE committee will take that under consideration when reviewing their application.


If a team member is currently homeless, we will work with the Team Member to find local housing programs or low-income housing, if available.  We have limited funds to pay for hotel stays and would encourage the Team Member to ask friends/family/co-workers if they can stay with them temporarily while we work to resolve the issue.

If a Team Member is facing eviction due to property damage or illegal activity, we will not consider this type of circumstance.

If the Team Member is facing eviction or foreclosure for non-payment of rent/mortgage, we can only consider their grant request if the eviction/foreclosure process has started.